Christian Education

Educating ourselves and growing our knowledge is a priority we should keep throughout our daily lives and that's never been more true than when it comes to maintaining our faith in God. Join us in a range of learning opportunities we offer to grow and nurture our beliefs.

Adult Ministries

Introductory Courses

Are you new or interested in joining our WELS family? Then great! We would love to share what we believe with you and offer an introductory course scheduled to meet the needs of those seeking to learn the basic truths of the Bible.

Bible Studies

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am we come together to enrich our understanding of the Bible and our faith in the Lord. Consider joining us in our studies as we explore our faith together.


Special notes: Does not meet in the summer.

Wednesday Evening Sessions

During Advent (December) and during Lent (Pre-Easter) special services of preparation for Christmas and Easter.


Periodic Bible studies offered.

Youth Ministries

Children's Bible School

At King of Kings we know how important it is to bring up our children in the belief, faith, and fellowship of Christ. That's why, with the help and hard work of our dedicated educators, we take time every Sunday morning to instruct the children of our congregation in the teachings of our Lord Jesus.


Special note: Does not meet in the summer.

Teen Bible School

Adolecense can be a trying time for anyone as they learn to grow into adulthood. We aim to help our youth find their way while maintaining a healthy understanding and respect for God's word and teachings by providing Sunday morning classes geared for their age group.


Special note: Does not meet in the summer.

Children's Church

We want everyone to get the most of each Sunday's sermon so we invite parents to take advantage our sessions of children's church where kids learn the lessons of the week's sermon at their own pace and understanding.